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"The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected." – Will Rogers

In Particular... In Central Arkansas... In Conway... In Eureka Springs... In NWA... In Ft. Smith... In Hot Springs... In Closing...

Greetings to all! It is now 4:20 in the a.m. of this fm day as I snuggle up to this warm computer on this definitely wintry day. One thing you can count on in The Altered State is strange weather. It was up to 69 today - er, yesterday afternoon - and the good folks at the Weather Channel say it will be down to 7 tonight. I’ve learned many times that if you don’t like the weather in these parts just stick around a while (say, 20 minutes or so) it will change…
And change it has...

Am proud to announce that my bride has been doing quite well.
To wit, she left a few weeks ago for another measurement for her new prosthesis (her leg nub had shrunk to where the first one no longer fit well. They warned us that it would happen...)
She returned with a new one, and if this isn't rock 'n' roll I don't know what is. And it fits much better now as expected.
Once again, we wish to thank everyone who has helped us about this...with prayers, good wishes and even financial support. With everyone's help she is back on her feet...

In Central Arkansas.......

The White Water Tavern checks in with a tremendous line-up.
In the coming weeks look for shows with Dazz & Brie, The Big Cats, Adam Faucett & The Tall Grass Buffalo, The American Princes, Mojo Depot, Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts, An Evening with Crystal Mercer, Teardrop City, Jim Mize, Bark, High Plains Jamboree, Joe Sundell…and on February 15, don’t miss Adia Victoria.
Visit for details…find the link right here on this site…….
For bookings contact Matt White at (501)375-8400…….

Dugan’s Pub is staying quite busy…which does not surprise us.
The nightclub/restaurant/liquor store/specialty food shop seems to have just about everything legal to feed you, water you and do just about whatever it takes to entertain.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are Big John Miller, Parker Francis, Almost Infamous, Shannon Boshears, The Hoodoo Blues Revue, The Karla Case band, Jason Lee Hale & The Personal Space Invaders, Thomas Stringfellow, Third Degree, Greg Madden…On January 28th is a very special show that will feature Brian Nahlen, Luke Johnson and Stephen Winter…each worth a cover charge to experience.
What’s more, there’s never a cover charge here…an amazing concept.
Live music at Dugan’s is every weekend, with a few shows tossed in depending on acts coming through, and special events.
And don’t miss Rob-Os take on Karaoke every Wednesday…Rob-O is a showman in himself and ignites the energy of people trying to sing like their favorites…or thinking they’re singing like their favorites…
And the club has one of the finest menus in Arkansas, too…
Check it out online at
For bookings at Dugan’s, call (501)244-0542…….

Fourquarters Bar in North Little Rock entered the ring and came out fighting! It’s now about the hottest nightclub in the state…and for a reason (or several of them, actually).
For one thing it is run by Conan Robinson, who honed and developed his nightclub chops for years running Midtown Billiards…until 5 in the morning… For another, Main Street venues in North Little Rock’s entertainment center have learned and profited from studying the works and bumps and grinds of LR’s River Market…and now are determined to be the next big thing…
I am pleased to announce that our Nightflying 36-year anniversary bash will happen at the club. Friday, January 13th will be a very lucky day for everyone who drops into Fourquarters Bar…On the bill are some wonderful musicians, including Brian Nahlen, Amy Garland, Jason Lee Hale & The Personal Space Invaders, The Joe Pitts Band, the P47s…and the show will be emcee’d by radio personality Jeff Allen.
The show starts at 7 and goes until close. Tickets are $10 per person, and anyone wearing any NF shirt gets a buck off (as well as a 10% discount on any of our merch…)
Set to appear in the next handful of weeks are Big Dam Horns, Josh Green, Electric Rag Band, Brown Soul Shoes, DeFrance, Hoodoo Blues Revue, Mountain Sprout, FreeWorld, The Flatland Funk Donors, and on the 27th, the unforgettable Jim Dandy & Black Oak Arkansas!
Conan and the staff have created a very fun room for Central Arkansas. Let them prove it by sharing it with you.
For bookings contact Conan at 501-313-4704, or email to…….

West End Smoke House & Tavern checks in this time out with a very fine line-up of party bands.
Ring in 2017 with Dirty Lindsey.
The following week we’re proud to announce the return of Seth Freeman to the club. You may recall that several years ago Seth was nearly killed in a crash in Alaska, and we put on a fundraiser at West End for him…
Also on the bill in the coming weeks are Splendid Chaos, and then a huge superbowl Sunday blowout on February 5th.
Plus, West End serves its full menu until 1 a.m. or later 7 days a week…specializing in great steaks and barbecue and more.
See the Schedule pages for all the dates…
And click on their ad here to visit
West End is open every day, has a huge fully stocked bar, has incredibly good food, multiple pool tables, multiple TVs for games, a large dance floor, a huge concert-sized stage and sound system…and serves food until very late.
For bookings call (501)224-7665…….

The Rev Room checks in this time with a most stellar music line-up.
Catch shows with Barrett Baber, the Gable Bradley Band, Young Gods Of America, American Aquarium, Strangetowne, Shimmy & Shake for Standing Rock, Corey Smith, An Evening with Dawes and a lot more.
This is one of the best music rooms in the Altered State, and has been since Chris & Suzon opened the place.
Visit the web site by clicking on their logo right here.
For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659…….

Stickyz Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicken Shack remains a top destination for great live music. Coming up, look for shows with Stephen Neeper & The Wild Hearts, The Luke Williams Band, Birdcloud, Hollow Earth, Smoke Signals, This Is The Jam, the 3rd annual Big Piph Charity Birthday Concert, Cody Belew, Brian Mullen, Seratones, William Clark Green, and lots more.
Their outdoor venue - The Chicken Coup - and is where people who smoke can be accomodated…
Please visit on the web for more information.
For bookings contact Chris King at (501)343-8659…….

Markham Street Grill is also open 7 days a week, has excellent food, multiple screens with multiple sports events always on and a full menu for live music events (no cover charge…)
The food and libations from the bar are all top of the line.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are Texarkana, Steam Loco, Ben & Adam, Against The Grain and more.
Please visit
For bookings, please email, or call 501-224-2010…….

I am pleased to report that our Midtown Billiards will be opening some time in February.
The club has been closed for far too long due to that fire that shut it down several months ago.
Spoke to Margaret Hinson the other day and they are getting in gear as we speak.
We'll have a special article when it is to open, so watch for it.
Midtown is the Altered State's answer to a funky New Orleans bar, open until daybreak every day of the week. The burgers are world-famous, and if you get the chance have one...or two for that matter...

In Conway.......

TCs Midtown Grill remains Conway’s number one music venue.
The club is open 7 days a week, features live rock ‘n’ roll bands every weekend, a large wooden dance floor, a full bar, great menu, a truly extreme stereo, huge-screen sports, and like so very few nightspots anymore is smoker friendly (without having to step outside in the weather)…
Set to appear in the coming weeks are Big Shane Thornton, Greg Madden, Malicious Groove, Third Degree, Dirty Lindsey, Great Whiskey Rendesvous, A Benefit for the family Of David Collum featuring Big Shane Thornton, 90 Proof and Orange Star High, Luke Williams, and more.
Also on the list in January are shows with Lypstick Hand Grenade, Nerd Eye Blind, The Hoodoo Blues Revue…
Every Wednesday is open mic featuring Greg Madden, and every Sunday is an Open Rock Jam with Big Shane Thornton as the host and stage master.
And please visit for more details. Just click on their ad right here in your hand…
TCs is located at 1611 E. Oak Street.Head north from I-40 about two miles and watch for the sign on your right.
For bookings contact Ty Simms or TC at (501)205-0576…….

Other clubs in Conway with regular live music are King’s, JJs, Bear’s Den Pizza, Taylors’ Made and the VFW Club. But doctors say what’s regular is what’s regular for you…
See the Sound section for details…

In Eureka Springs.......

Coming right up in Eureka is a huge New Year Blast at the Crescent Hotel, featuring Isayah Warford with Jeff Gray, Tyler Domingues, Jeremy Ervin, Drew Packard and Matt Beach.
What a way to kick off the New Year! If you party too much, you’re already in a hotel so you don’t have to worry about driving…

Chelsea’s is one of the best music rooms in Arkansas. Set to appear in the coming weeks are SprUngbilly, the Liberty Bell Rhythm Band, Dime Trip, Reeves Brothers Band, Handmade Moments, Opal Agafia & The Sweet Nothings, Rant-Emonium, Iris Lions, Chucky Waggs, Mountain Sprout, Jeff Fox and more.
It’s open 7 days a week, has a full bar and menu, an open-air smoking porch and a kickass stereo system, and is very much a popular local hangout.
For bookings call (479)253-6723…….

The Pied Piper Pub and Cathouse Lounge is a professional party room and restaurant. Live music is on weekends, and with that beautiful outdoor beer garden it is frequently inside and outside.
Appearing at the club in the coming weeks are Los Roscoes, Grass Fed, MudHawks, Voxana, Cody Woody & The Great American Wolf, Roving Gamblers, Mark Shields, Blue On Black and more.
See our Sound pages…er…calendar post, for details.
The Pied Piper is open 7 days a week.
For bookings call (479)363-9976…….

The Rowdy Beaver Restaurant & Tavern has lots of music on the roster in the coming weeks.
Look for Septembers End, The Steve Moeller Band, Aaron Mullins Band, Blew Reed & The Flatheads, and Karaoke featuring Brock Entertainment.
For bookings call (470)253-8544…….

The Rowdy Beaver Den, downtown at 47 Spring Street, also has a bunch of music coming in the next several weeks.
Party with Dave Smith Trio, Danny Mullen, The Mark Shields Band, Richard Burnett, Blew Reed & The Flatheads, Steve Zimmerman, Michael Tisdale Duo, BottleRocket, Terri & Brett, Tightrope, Dorrian Cross and much more.
There’s good food, serious libations, and it’s also an indoor smoker-friendly place, too, and is the perfect place in town to watch the people on the street.
For bookings call (479)363-6444…afternoons only…

In Northwest Arkansas.......

One of the coolest music rooms in The Altered State has to be Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville. This old theatre is actually a music store and performance venue too.
Located at 128 W. Central Avenue, the Meteor has been bringing in some notable shows, and even more notable visitors. Coming up are shows featuring Strapjacket, Pieces Of Jake, The Freeway Revival, Improv, Sockmonkey, WestPark Drive, The Marshall Wallace Band, a Halloween OZ Party, Septembers End…the venue has live music each week.
For directions and more information, call (479)268-1500. And visit for added details…….

George’s Majestic Lounge has a full plate, but then they always do.
Am quite pleased to report that the fundraiser for Terry Cagle was tremendously successful. Of course, with this all-star compilation of musicians, we knew it was going to be great… Altogether there were over $14,000 bucks raised for his medical needs.
Terry is back on his feet, and even doing shows again.
Bonnie Lancaster, a great musician on her own, put together this benefit concert. On the bill were The Cate Brothers Band, Earl & Them, Oreo Blue, The Brad James Band, Leah & The Mojo Doctors, Junior Markham & The Caretakers, Charles Tuberville, Jamie Oldaker, Left of Center, The Traveling Wheelbearings, Dawn Cate, JT Huff and Lloyd Price and more. The Show also included a silent auction, great food, and loads of fun and comraderie.
And kudos to George’s Majestic Lounge for donating the facility, too. The professional staff at the club are just about the best team for such concerts in the Altered State.
On the roster in the coming weeks are Barrett Baber, Gable Bradley, Andy Frasco, Joe Chill, Rozenbridge & Friends, Mudhawk, Pm The Verge, The Cate Brothers Band, Mountain Sprout, Henry & The Invisables, Isayah’s Allstars, Escape Tones & The Rubber Band, Space4Lease, Joey Farr & The Fuggins Wheat Band, The Odds, Got It Covered, Ozark Travelers, Earl & Them, The Wrong Men, Jim Mills, Fashback, Evan Felker, Rhett Miller, and much more.
See the complete listing in our Sound section or visit
For bookings at George’s call (479)527-6618 or email…

The Smoke & Barrel has a plethora of shows in the coming weeks.
Look for dates with Me Like Bees, Rochelle Bradshaw & Hypnotion, Dylan Earl, Lost John, Willie Carlisle, The Sloan Brothers and more.
For bookings call (479)521-6880…….

Nomad’s Music Lounge, at 1431 So. School, has a plethora of shows in the coming weeks. Look for the likes of Bruise, Kharma, Barren, Krooked Youth, Othello, Izuna, Serosa, More Than Evergreen, The Devine Dames, Jason Todd, JRsoupbox, Youth Pastor, Chasing Pictures, Paperweight, Ladybird, JKD Band, The Salesman, and a lot more
For bookings at the club call (479)443-1832…….

Bear’s Place has become one of the busiest music venues in Northwest Arkansas, and deserves many kudos for the solid music presentation across the board.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are Brick Fields, Jumpsuit Jamey, Chris Bassett, Derrick Mears & Rt. 358, Geneva, Buddy Shute & The Motivators, Leisurlies, Come Missie Band, Jody Ferguson & The Rockets, Flashback, Member occassional blugrass jam, and an occassional songwriters night.
It’s a smallish bar, and it has a cool outdoor garden-deck, excellent food and libations.
Plus, the parking is FREE!
Bear’s is keeping these derelict musicians off the streets most nights of the week.
See the Sound listings for the dates and all the listings.
For bookings call (479)521-2327…….

In Fort Smith.......

Heros checks in with a most impressive line-up. Doug McRae has added great musical flavor to Garrison Avenue, and should receive much kudos from the community and especially the area musicians.
On the bill in the coming weeks are shows with Mas Agua, Redwiitch Johnny, Not In Your Life, Rodney Jeremiah, Yoshi Gish, Opium Western, Tom Ware, Brett Raines, Caleb Ryan Martin, King George Hughen, Will Mendenhall, Reliance Code, Vanimal Kingdom, and more.
Be sure and try out the tacos they serve up, too.
The club’s located in an former music school on Garrison Avenue.
For bookings call Doug at (479)650-1481…….

R. Landry’s, Arkansas’ answer to New Orleans, and is one of the best places to listen to good music. There’s no cover too, leaving you more bucks for the truly great food and libations.
In the coming weeks look for shows featuring Grant Pierson, Joe Pierson, Buddy Cantrell, Tom and Anthony Ware, Brian Keith Wallen, Mark Albertson, Eric Matthews, Acoustic Refugees, The Matt Dodd Band, Trey Johnson (!), some guy named robb and more.
R. Landry’s is mainly a restaurant that is also a bar and music venue, and they feature nothing but high caliber musicians…and, again, they don’t hit you up at the door to come in during the music.
And the atmosphere is perfect. It is a most comfortable room that attracts a nice crowd every night from Monday through Saturday.
For bookings call Natalie at (479)783-2505…….

With the height of Winter upon us, outdoor venues like the Sound Room are down for the season. Of course, once the warm weather kicks back in they will be jammin’.
They only opened the Sound Room recently, and I suspect they’re getting the club in gear during these cold months.
To reach The Sound Room by phone call (479)414-4296……

In Hot Springs.......

After everyone recovers from New Year’s Eve things get in gear as the live racing season kicks off at Oaklawn. The full-blown season officially starts on January 13th, and the professional partiers who follow the ponies from track to track are all back in town. Kids, this group is much like a Grateful Dead thing in the horse-racing business. They essentially move together, live together, travel town to town together, and spend their time together pursuing the life of a horse-related carney…
The parties are hardy and mind-blowing…and the entire spa city comes alive as if a several month Mardi Gras…

Congratulations to Miranda and John Calvin Brewer for adding a new person to their band of life, the universe and everything for the birth of

The Big Chill checks in this time around with a typically excellent roster of shows, including the luminary Cate Brothers Band for New Year’s Eve.
Appearing in the coming weeks are Mike Mayberry & The Slow Hands, Mister Lucky, The Hired Hands, Joe Hall, Grant Pierson, Steve Dufresne, Lightnin Lee Langdon, Dave Almond, Professor Tele, John Calvin Brewer, and a list as long as a well-rope.
See the Sound section for dates and details.
The Big Chill is open every day, has pool tables, huge screen TVs for sports, several outdoor smoking lounges, a smoke-free bar and some excellent bar food too. The non-smoking main room move has brought people in that haven’t been there in years. Sure, there are still smokers there, but the biggest part of the club is now smoke-free inside.
Plus, and this is the big one, there’s no cover charge here (except during special occasions!)
One such occasion, of course, will be the Nightflying 36 Anniversary bash that will happen on Sunday, February 19. This year we’ll be blowing the town away with a huger-than-usual party. On the bill are Heavy Suga’ & The SweeTones, The Joe Pitts Band, Moonshine Mafia, Kasey Simmons Nelson, John Calvin Brewer, Roger Clinton, Hooker Red, Christine DeMeo & Cassie Lea Ford, Evo & Ove, Salt & Pepper, Wrecktified, Lightnin’ Lee Langdon, Rena Wren & Co., Mike Tabor, Rooster, Rock Steady, David Ball, Joe Hall, Dual Carb, Katmandu (featuring Kat Hood and Chuck Gilbert), Gina Parks, Peter Read and more.
We plan this each year during President’s Day weekend. Why? Since Monday’s a holiday people feel better about tying it on the night before…
For bookings please call (501)624-5185…….

Another club worth visiting in Hot Springs is the Ohio Club on Bathhouse Row.
The Ohio is the oldest music venue in Arkansas, and there’s a reason for that. Now, keep in mind that during Prohibition most watering holes had to close their doors…all were supposed to. Fact is that illustrious Hot Springs, Arkansas, was playing under the table in those days…the town was famous for it’s casino action of course, and the good folks of the area were very much a different bunch of their own rules so-to-speak…
During Prohibition there was a false wall as you entered the Ohio. The ones who knew would bypass that wall and head upstairs to the bar and gaming room. There, of course, they would party hard in every way possible.
Al Capone, of course, hung out in Hot Springs often, back in its casino gambling days. He claimed it was “for the water,” referring to the natural hot baths.
The Ohio has music 7 days a week. Every Sunday is Larry Womack and Jacquiline, Mondays features the John Calvin Brewer Band, Tuesday is Legacy Duo, Wednesdays is Hump Night Blues Band, Thursdays is for live jazz, and weekends feature the house band, The Ohio Club Players.
For bookings at the Ohio, please call (501)627-0702…….

The new Doc ‘n’ Maggie’s is drawing them in. Formerly Razorback Pizza, they’ve added new menu items, added new bar services, torn out walls, and are in the process of renovating overall.
It’s a happening music venue now, rather than a pizza parlor that happened to have live music, too.
Set to appear in the coming weeks are Tragikly White, Crash Meadows, Even Money, Mayday By Midnight, Nerd Eye Blind…
For bookings call (501)525-1616……..

Maxine’s hasn't reported yet for January so we'll have to pass on the club this edition. They normally have music every Thursday through Saturday so check it out.
Maxine’s, of course, was a legendary brothel in the town back in Hot Springs’ golden years - when it was a gambling city before Las Vegas even existed.
For bookings please email, or call (501)321-0909…….

Congratulations are in order to Calvin and Miranda Brewer on the arrival of their beautiful arrival of their daughter. Aria River Brewer came into this world and is already adding her musical magic to us all.
Hey, creating music or a publication takes much stamina and artwork, but these are nothing compared to creating a that is what I'd call art!
Both mama and the baby are healthy, and it's only time until she puts out her own records!

In Closing.......

We wish you all a real Happy Christmas and a very Merry New Year.
All we ask is that you be careful when you’re out there on the roads…there are frequently people like me driving around out there…
We’ll see you again next time.
Until then, then, be sure to keep ‘em flyin’…….



"Nightflying 35- Telling You Where To Go For 35 Years..."

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