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Louis Meyers

It is with heavy hearts that we share the sad news that Louis Meyers passed away early morning March 10, 2016.

Louis Myers is a tremendous musician I met while cutting my first album in 1978. He stopped into the studio where I was recording, just in time to hear me rant about the fact that most of the musicians who were supposed to be there that day to cut tracks had 'forgotten' or something.

After hearing scratch tapes of the tunes, he asked me "what do you need?" I told him pedal steel guitar, lead guitar, bass and banjo…

"I do that stuff…Can I help?"

"Where's your gear?"

"Outside in my van…"

Not having heard him play, and realizing it was a big job for anyone, I asked him "Do you feel like doing some sessions for the next week?"

"Sure…but it doesn't sound like it'll take that long…"

We unloaded his van and got to work. By the end of that day we'd recorded all the parts, and the rest is history. The Reter Pead album came out and included dozens of his tracks.

I didn't hear back from him for about 5 or 6 years. He'd moved back to his home in Austin, Texas, and was dreaming up a music project…

"I do that stuff…Can I help?" was all I asked.

I flew to Austin, and we spent the next few days pipe-dreaming up what was to become SXSW, the largest music festival of its kind in the world.

Louis was a life-long musician and music business professional. A creative musician, he was also deeply involved with band management, booking, and a true music 'politician'.

He was the SXSW director for a dozen years, then went on to become director of the Folk Alliance for more than a decade.

Louis Meyers

Louis touched millions of people in his life. His music lives on a multitude of recordings, and his work with both SXSW and the Folk Alliance has affected people across the globe.

Goodbye friend.

And happy travels wherever you're headed…

Thanks for all the music… PR

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